Active Hip Variations with Debbie Williamson (2:37)

$ 5.00

Active Hip Variations:  Debbie teaches greater coordination within the vinyasa by training students in active hip movement and core activation.  $5 per download.

This is video is part of the Vinyasa Variations for Challenge & Fun series:

Expand your yogic toolbox with 13 all-new yoga sequences (2-7 minutes each) by Yoga Teacher, Deborah (Debbie) Williamson.  These creative variations correspond to segments in power yoga flow, and can be added in to your current practice to generate extra heat, energy & excitement.  Each podcast clip offers immediate challenge for all levels.  Great for yoga teachers & students alike!  Recreate your practice and open your mind with the new video podcast series from Deborah Williamson.

Debbie also offers full length audio and video classes via Shopify. Download them all and if you like them, please send others back to our shop. Thank you!

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